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Every workplace deserves cafe quality coffee. Along with coffee and all the requisite accessories and consumables, we have a range of quality coffee machines. On all our coffee machines you can BUY, RENT, LEASE or have it FREE ON LOAN. We can tailor your terms and conditions to your budget and provide ongoing service and support. To find a coffee machine for your workplace starts with just one simple question.

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A Modo Mio - Electrolux ELM400

This stylish coffee machine delivers a coffee as good as it looks. The ELM400 has pre-programmed long and short espresso buttons and an integrated milk jug which delivers authentic Italian cafe quality coffee for you either at home or in the office.  This machine can only be used with Lavazza A MODO MIO capsules which can be found in our online store. 

A MODO MIO Cremosamente Dek 7.5g Capsule

Low stock Cremosamente Dek is an exceptional decaffeinated blend that's smooth and balanced. The A Modo Mio machines create coffee that's consistently rich and velvety with medium intensity and perfectly formed in every way with a velvety crema. Each box contains 16 capsules which are only compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio machines. 

A MODO MIO Delizioso 7.5g Capsule

New stock due Mid-August New name, same great flavour the Delizoso is an exceptionally balanced coffee of aroma, strength and smoothness. This well rounded blend produces a coffee that is perfectly formed, offering you a bouquet of fragrances and an intensity that is a harmony of crema and taste.Lavazza A Modo Mio Delizioso is an Italian roasted rich premium blend. The 100% ...

A MODO MIO Dolce 7.5g Capsule

This well rounded, balanced and creamy blend offers the authentic Italian coffee taste. Its special roast results in a coffee that's exceptionally smooth, with a persistent aftertaste and a crema that's velvety and fine. The ideal blend for a large cup.  A blend of sweet, flowery Indian Arabica, expertly combined with the best Brazilian Arabica with its notes of dried fruit,...

A MODO MIO Intenso 7.5g Capsule

This perfect blend captures all of your senses in a moment of complete pleasure. A great, well rounded body and rich aromas produce an exceptionally full flavoured coffee.  Coffees originating from South East Asia, with a rich flavour and notes of spices, are expertly blended with full-bodied Arabica from Brazil and the smooth coffees of India's highlands. The result is an o...

A MODO MIO Magica7.5g Capsule ONLY 12 PER PACK

Rich, full-bodied and well rounded, this remarkable blend delivers magical, fragrant and intriguing accents. The slow roast completes a superb blend with a velvety, deep and harmonious body, a sublime aroma and an unbeatable aftertaste. Full-bodied, well-rounded Arabica coffees from South America and smooth aromatic Indian Arabica combine with the exclusive Arabica of the Et...

A MODO MIO Passionale 7.5g Capsule

Formally named Appassionatamente, the Passionale gives a deeply balanced and full, slightly caramelised flavour, smooth and rich in smoky toasted notes. Each box contains 16 capsules which are only compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio machines. 

Analog milk thermometer

Temperature scale 0+100°CPoint length 125mm

Astoria Tanya

  The ASTORIA Tanya has simple and harmonious functions - ideal for those looking for simplicity and reliability. Offered in two colours; red or black.  Features include: - Body with thermoplastic composite side panels- Boiler and pipes made in copper- Double gauges for boiler and pump pressure control- Pilot light indicating the water level in the boiler- 2 steam wands    T...

Barista The Blend

Brazil Cerrado (natural) India Plantation B (fully washed) Cherry AB Robusta (natural)   Profile: dark roast, slightly nutty, good crema

Belgian Drinking Chocolate

The hot chocolate lovers dream come true! This drinking chocolate has been specially formulated using Belgian chocolate to blend perfectly with milk for gorgeous mochaccino's or is stunning on it's own as hot chocolate.

Bialetti Dama Glamour

Bialetti Dama features the distinctive octagonal base but is rounded giving a less angular and softer aesthetic. As a limited edition under the Dama design, Bialetti has released Dama Glamour to brighten up your morning coffee ritual. The Dama Glamour colour range is available in a 3 cup only.  Go on, add a bit of Italian glamour to your morning espresso!

Bialetti Tuttocrema Glass (MWave) 1L

This wonderful invention is the simple, convenient and mess free way to create delicious frothy milk in the comfort of your own home.

Blank Bucket

Keep your group head, screen and group valve clean by back washing regularly.

Bodum Coffee Chambord

CHAMBORD is a true original – the classic French press coffee maker designed in the fifties. The frame and lid, made of steel, undergo several chrome plating processes to obtain a durable shiny surface that will last for many years of intense use. The French press system has always been the simplest and ultimate way of brewing an excellent cup of coffee. Using fresh coarse g...

Bodum Coffee Pebo

No other coffee maker has fascinated passionate coffee drinkers like the PEBO (former SANTOS). Its exceptionally effective vacuum brewing method extracts all precious oils of your favorite coffee. The vacuum brewing process is entirely sealed off so no aroma can escape. In addition, the brewing time and temperature are perfectly calibrated, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee w...

Bodum Coffee Santos - Pebo vacuum coffee maker

No other coffee maker has fascinated passionate coffee drinkers like the PEBO (former SANTOS). Its exceptionally effective vacuum brewing method extracts all precious oils of your favourite coffee. The vacuum brewing process is entirely sealed off so no aroma can escape. In addition, the brewing time and temperature are perfectly calibrated, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee ...

Bodum e Bodum Bistro B. Over coffee machine

The groundbreaking BISTRO b.over Coffeemaker automates the popular “pour over” coffee brewing method for a delicious, flavorful brew. For household use only.

Bodum e Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder

The BISTRO Blade Grinder takes coffee beans from coarse to fine quickly and efficiently for fresh brewing 

Bucket Spring

Does your bucket fall out of your handle every time you knock the old grinds out, then your bucket spring needs replacing.

Cafetto Pulymilk (1 Litre)

A unique 3-in-1 product that cleans, descales and sanitises. To be used daily to remove milk residues from milk lines, frothers and parts on automatic espresso machines. Independent laboratory testing confrims that Cafetto Milk Frother Cleaner BLUE kills E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Enterococcus when used in accordance with instructions.

Cimbali Precision Screen

For the ultimate coffee extraction Fits all La Cimbali Models central hole 5 mm - 98 holes ø 3 mm Aisi 301 stainless steel - food-safe certified integrated membrane 200 µM

Classic Chemex

The clasic CHEMEX pour over is easy to use with an elegant design. Made of non-porous glass it will not absorb any odors or chemical residues.  This is a must for any coffee connoisseur. Filters and other brew gear can be found in our store.

CMA Headseal 8.5mm

Headseal for CMA machines 72X56X8.5mm Markings on the seal CMA 12215

Coffee Catcha

The Coffee Catcha is a tool which helps reduce wastage of ground coffee. Not only does it save cafe owners money, it also eliminates mess and acts as a scraper to give a consistent dosage every time it's used.

Coffee Dripper V60 01 Ceramic White

This is the much sought after ceramic filter cone from Hario of Japan. Like all good design this filter cone communicates elegance and ease. The unique rifled internal wall of the filter cone creates an excellent brew showcasing subtle notes while still maintaining an enjoyable presence of body. The Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 01 is designed to sit directly over the cup as you ...

Congo Blend

Colombia Excelso (fully washed) Brazil Cerrado (natural) Sumatra Mandheling (semi washed)   Profile: syrupy, full body, dark chocolate


Colombia Single Origin Swiss Water process  100% chemical free decaffeinated coffee


Colombia Single Origin Swiss Water process  100% chemical free decaffeinated coffee Profile: smooth, sweet, caramel 

Dek Beans (500 g)

A mild and well rounded, full bodied blend with a velvety crema. A selection of the best coffees to give you a decaffeinated espresso with an intense and persistent taste.

Descale - Puly Cleaner Baby (per sachet)

Keep you coffee tasting great by regularly cleaning your home espresso machine with a good quality cleaning product like Puly Cleaner and Descalaer.   Puly cleaner and descaler is an excellent product for the home or office and is particularly well suited to single boiler espresso machines.   Puly cleaner and descaler is designed to remove flavor-tainting stale coffee oil re...

Dilmah Blackcurrant Tea 20's Individual

Blackcurrants are a great source of vitamin C, this tea is no exception. Individually wrapped for greater enjoyment.

Dilmah Camomile Tea 20's Individual

Inspiring light, delicate and golden, Camomile flowers are gentle and aromatic.The clear infusion is tinged with a fruity note to open a sophisticated infusion.Individually foil wrapped.

Dilmah Chamomile Tea 100's Individual

A relaxing tea, excellent for digestion. Caffeine free.

Dilmah Earl Grey Tea 100's Individual

100% Pure Ceylon REAL Tea - medium strength, with the delicate fragrance of bergamot.

Dilmah Earl Grey Tea 25's Individual

An aromatic floral note yields the citrus flavour of original Earl Grey.A strong Ceylon tea is the base of this elegant and refined experience.The slightly earthy character of this tea is beautifully balanced by the sweet floral bergamot flavour.Individually foil wrapped.

Dilmah English Breakfast Tea 500's Individual

Delicious High-grade English Breakfast Tea. The essence of Ceylon, a strong tea with a gentleness that is bordered by a firm character.An ideal accompaniment to strong tasting food.Individually foil wrapped.

Dilmah Exceptionals Berry Sensation Tea

High grown Single Region Ceylon Tea in fruity harmony with Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry. A perfect marriage of complex flavors, a pleasingly light and fragrant tea. Ideal taken hot or iced. Comes as 30 or 50 individually enveloped luxury tea bags.

Dilmah Exceptionals Camomile Tea Bags

Inspiring light, delicate and golden. Chamomile flowers are gentle and aromatic. The clear infusion is tinged with a fruity note to offer a sophisticated infusion. Ideal for winding down at the end of the day and a well known aid to a good night's sleep. Comes as 20 or 50 individually enveloped luxury tea bags.

Dilmah Exceptionals Ceylon Green Tea 50's

Gently steamed Ceylon Green tea with a mildly astringent taste, characteristic of the finest green tea. The pale yellow infusion is tinged with olive highlights. A pleasant, delicate tea with a lightly sweet finish. Comes in box of 50 individually enveloped luxury tea bags.

Dilmah Exceptionals Elegant Earl Grey

A bold and bright single region Ceylon Tea grown at around at 5,500ft above sea level is gently infused with Bergamot flavour. The floral and fruity flavour balances the strength of the tea to offer a refreshing and delightful tea.. Comes in a box of 50 individually enveloped luxury tea bags.

Dilmah Exceptionals English Breakfast Tea Bags

A bright morning tea, with body, strength, color and pungency representing the essence of fine Ceylon tea. The beautifully even Broken Orange Pekoe leaf yields a burgundy colored liquor which is robust and strong yet bright with a strong personality. Comes in box of 50 individually enveloped luxury teabags.

Dilmah Exceptionals Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea 30's

An inspiring green tea with bold leaf appearance combined with the petals of natural jasmine flowers. Mild and gentle with the special fragrance and a touch of sweetness from the night-blooming jasmine flower. A calming and meditative tea. Comes in box of 50 individually enveloped luxury teabags.

Dilmah Exceptionals Lively Lime & Orange Fusion Tea Bags

High grown Ceylon Pekoe offering a bright and golden liquor in exotic embrace with Orange, Lemon and Lime. The sparkle of lemon, tartness of lime and sweet, juicy orange balances this bright tea. Comes in box of 30 or 50 individually enveloped luxury tea bags.

Dilmah Exceptionals Peppermint w/ Cinnamon Tea Bags

Refreshing and gentle, the distinctive fragrance of Ceylon Cinnamon finely perfumes the Peppermint leaves to offer an aromatic and lively infusion. Comes in box of 30 or 50 individually enveloped luxury teabags.

Dilmah Exceptionals Rose w/ French Vanilla Tea 30's

Inspiringly aromatic with a medium-bodied floral note, the flavor of rose with a hint of French Vanilla combined with Ceylon tea in a perfect embrace. Elegant and sophisticated. Comes in box of 30 or 50 individually enveloped luxury tea bags.

Dilmah Jasmine Tea 100's

Dilmah Jasmine Green Tea in a bulk trade pack of individually wrapped enveloped teabags. A mild green tea with the traditional, natural Jasmine flavour. The perfume of jasmine is added using petals of Jasmine, a process several thousand years old. Uplifting and aromatic. Ideal for presenter boxes in hotel, motel, conference or hospitality.

Dilmah Jasmine Tea 20's Individual

Take your favourite teas with you… string and tag tea bags in individually wrapped sachets. A mild green tea with the traditional, natural Jasmine flavour. The perfume of jasmine is added using petals of Jasmine, a process several thousand years old. Uplifting and aromatic.

Dilmah Lemon Verbeena Exceptionals Tea 30's

A refreshing and gentle natural, herbal infusion. The refreshing zestiness of lemon verbena. Naturally caffeine free, pure and simple. Comes in a box of 30 individually enveloped luxury tea bags.

Dilmah Peppermint Tea 100's Individual

Invigorating, rounded with a gentleness that leaves the palate refreshed and clean. Light, with a sharp minty character and an olive green liquor. Dilmah Peppermint in a bulk trade pack of individually wrapped enveloped teabags. Ideal for presenter boxes in hotel, motel, conference or hospitality.

Dilmah Pure Green Tea 100's Individual

Pale infusion yielding a light, slightly smoky brew. Pure green tea from China with hints of herb, a touch of spice and a pleasing mild finish. Dilmah Natural Green Tea in a bulk trade pack of individually wrapped enveloped teabags. Ideal for presenter boxes in hotel, motel, conference or hospitality.

Dilmah Spicy Berry Tea 20's Individual

Tangy Raspberry and Orange, smoothed by Strawberry and Cinnamon notes. A pure and natural infusion with a complex, fruity taste balanced with a touch of spice. All natural. Naturally caffeine free.

Dilmah Zesty Lemon Tea 20's Individual

Pure and natural infusion with a prominent Lemon character embraced by the characteristic 'warmth' of Ginger. Balanced and refreshing, with the sharp , tangy lemon note appealingly grounded in a ginger base. Caffeine free.

Drip Scale

Use Hario's V60 Drip Scale to measure the coffee dose and brew water weight along with the extraction time to ensure you control the crucial parameters to making consistently delicious coffee.

Dump Bin Liners (50pk)

Lining your knock box means a clean and tidy disposal of the spent grounds. Sleeves to line your knock tube so just lift out when full. Don't forget to recycle and use the old grounds on the garden. 360 x 1000

ECM Casa Grinder

The ECM Casa grinder a professional espresso grinder that dispenses freshly ground coffee direcrlt into the filter holder. Features include:High-quality steel grinding mechanismHeat absorbing burrsAutomatic coffee portioning

Espresso Blend

Brazil Cerrado (natural) India Plantation B (fully washed) Cherry AB Robusta (natural)   Profile: dark roast, slightly nutty, good crema

Eureka Mignon Grinder

Perfect for the home barista. Coffee-grinder with micro metric adjustment without stop points. Manual start-up and stop. Available in Blue, Matt Black, Orange, Red, Silver, Verde Lime, White and Yellow.

Eureka Olympus 75mm Grinder

The Eureka Olympus Coffee Grinder is a premium-quality medium to high output coffee grinding machine. Perfect for either commercial use or the at home coffee enthusiast. Using 75mm flat titanium conical burrs, it delivers precisely ground coffee with stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment which ideal for a range of brewing methods.  

Eureka Zenith 65 E230 Grinder

Using 65mm flat hardened steel conical burrs, the Eureka Zenith delivers precisely ground coffee with stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment which ideal for a range of brewing methods. This smart grinder lets you control the doses electronically giving you more control and consistant coffee.   

Everpure 2CB5-S Filter Cartridge

Commercial water filterCapacity: 11355 LitersPressure: 0.7 to 8.5 BarFlow rate: 3.8 Lpm Filters down to 5 microns, reduces chlorine taste and odour, reduces lime build-up in the coffee machine.Used with :EV925618 Head 

Everpure 3/8 Thread Filter Head

Everpure filter head with 3/8bsp female ports, used with the Everpure filter EV961722 for all plumbed coffee machines. To be used with:Everpure 2CB5-S Filter Head 

Filters for Chemex

The filter paper ensures a clean tasting coffee minus the bitter elements. 100 single use filters to a box.

Group Head Brush - LF

Help keep you group head clean with this brush.

House Blend

PNG Sigri (fully washed) Colombia Santa Monica (fully washed) Kenya AB (fully washed) Brazil Cerrado (natural)   Profile: bright, punchy, maple sweet

Isomac 1GR Pro 6.1 Stainless Steel Coffee Machine

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the Italian tea pro 6.1 has the components of a commercial machine, while being compact enough to be the perfect machine for home use. Features: Classic E61 group head  Stainless steel shiny body (AISI 304) Chromed brass groups with valves infusion chamber Copper boiler capacity : 1.8 lt Electro-rotary pump to deliver professional br...

Java Blend

Guatemala SHB (fully washed) Sumatra Mandheling (semi washed)   Profile: smoky aroma, fruity acidity, cocoa finish

Joe Frex barista style knockbox

This sturdy Knockbox Basic is designed to make handling and cleaning fast, efficient and enjoyable. The heavy aluminum knock bar is damped with a food grade silicone tube and can easily be removed from the casing.The silicone base ring gives it exceptional stability and protects your work surfaces. Knock your used grinds into this then pop them in the garden for optimum fert...

Joe Frex Coffee Shot Glass

Stylish Joe Frex espresso shot glass. This is ideal for 1 or 2 measurements of quantities of ristretto or espresso.

Joe Frex Tamper Mat Overhang 200 x 150 x 45 mm

This is a simple, effective and well made tamping mat consists of 5mm thick food grade silicone. It has been designed to protect your countertop from damage and enables you to firmly align the mat with countertop for enhanced control. Perfect for commercial or home use.


Ditch the disposable with our barista standard reusable tempered glass KeepCups. Available in both 8 and 12 ounce, dishwasher safe and spill proof!  Bring your cup into our cafe and receive a 15% discount on your coffee. 

LASPRESSA - Capsules

Due to the Laspressa Espresso Point Capsules being discontinued, we have HEAVILY reduced its price! So grab yourself a bargain and stock up on it while it's still in stock! Please note the best before date for this product is April 2016 Blend - Aroma PointA full-bodied and sweet blend. The result is an espresso with an intense flavour, good body and creaminess. Blend of the...

LASPRESSA - Capsules (new stock)

Please note these are non-expired stock and are therefore more expensive than our other Laspressa Caspules  Blend - Aroma ClubA full-bodied and sweet blend. The result is an espresso with an intense flavour, good body and creaminess. Blend of the best Brazilian and Central American Arabicas (40%) and the finest Indonesian Robustas (60%). Blend - Crema and Aroma A strong blen...

Laspressa Caspule Espresso Machine

Ideal for a small space and easy to use serving up delicious Italian coffee! Compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point capsules and on sale with over $60 off the retail price. Purchase one today and get $20 worth of Espresso Point capsules on us (2 packets of capsules).

Laspressa Milk Frother

The Lavazza Laspressa milk frother is the perfect accompaniment to the Laspressa coffee capsule machine. Features: - One touch multi-function - Perfect for Hot Chocolates, Coffees or Warm Milk - Frothing capacity 160ml - Milk warming capacity 260ml - Milk frothing temp 65°C - Frothing time 90-150 seconds

Lavazza Blue Caffe Crema Dolce

100% Arabica sweet blend with a thick goldencrema.A sweet, balanced and creamy blend. The specialroasting, combined with the right grind, yieldsa particularly sweet and velvety coffee with apersistent after-taste and a thick, golden crema.Taste area: AromaticOrigins: Brazil and IndiaComposition: 100% ArabicaBody: 2.5Aroma: 3.5Roasting: Fairly DarkNotes: Sweet, creamy and liq...

Lavazza Blue Decaf

100% Arabica decaffeinated blend that is fullbodiedand sweet, with a velvety and persistentcrema.A full-bodied blend with velvety crema. The specialbrewing technique enhances its round and sweetflavour, and gives the espresso a slightly chocolatyaftertaste and velvety crema.Taste area: DecaffeinatedOrigins: BrazilComposition: 100% ArabicaBody: 3Aroma: 3Roasting: MediumNotes:...

Lavazza Blue Espresso Tierra Intenso

New stock due Mid-August Our sustainable finest blend of 100% Arabica, full-bodied, with an intense flavor and chocolaty notes.Taste area: SpecialtiesOrigins: BrazilComposition: 100% ArabicaBody: 4Aroma: 5Roasting: MediumNotes: Persistent, full-bodiedIdeal for: Espresso Each box contains 100 capsules which are only compatible with Lavazza Blue machines. 

Lavazza Blue Intenso

A full-bodied coffee blend with an intense flavourand thick, persistent crema.A creamy and full-bodied blend with intense andpersistent flavour and after-taste. The innovativebrewing system yields a particularly intense, creamyespresso, with a persistent and balanced aftertaste.Taste area: BalancedOrigins: Brazil, Central America, Southeast AsiaComposition: 40% Arabica, 60% ...

Lavazza Blue Ricco

Dense and chocolaty blend with a thick, persistentcrema. A creamy and full-bodied blend with a liquory,chocolaty flavour. The special roasting processand innovative brewing system yields a dense,rich espresso with chocolaty notes, a persistentaftertaste and an excellent body.Taste area: IntenseOrigins: Brazil and AsiaComposition: 40% Arabica, 60% RobustaBody: 5Aroma: 4Roasti...

Lavazza Blue Rotondo

New stock due Mid-August Premium blend of 100% Arabica with a rich, smoothtaste and a velvety crema.Taste area: BalancedOrigins: BrazilComposition: 100% ArabicaBody: 5Aroma: 4Roasting: DarkNotes: Full-Bodied and velvetyIdeal for: Espresso Each box contains 100 capsules which are only compatible with Lavazza Blue machines. 

Lavazza Blue Vigoroso

New stock due Mid-August Full-bodied blend, intense and sharp, with dark andthick cream.A blend of Arabica from Central and South America(50%), combined with the best washed and naturalRobusta coffees of South Asia.Very strong and full-bodied blend.The dark roasting,typical of the southern Italian tradition, givesthis coffee a full-body and a particularly intenseaftertaste w...

Lavazza Caffe Epresso Ground 200g

Strong and black, with a smooth, marbled crema – just how the Italians love their espresso. Immerse yourself in Southern Italian coffee culture with a cup of Lavazza Caffè Espresso, a premium blend of only the finest Arabica beans. For lovers of an authentic espresso, there's no contest. Serve this humble but powerful drink in a small, thick cup to get the most from its deli...

Lavazza Crema & Aroma Maxi Point Capsules

A strong blend with a smooth, long-lasting after-taste. The result is an espresso with a strong, flavour, an excellent body and an intense andpersistent aftertaste.Double shot 13gr   DATED STOCK 

Lavazza Crema e Aroma Espresso

A blend with a consistent crema and a strong and decisive character, with a pleasant after taste of dry fruits, bitter cocoa and precious woods that remind you of a fine barrelaged wine. Origins: Natural Arabica from the San Paulo area of Brazil, washed Arabica from Honduras, African Robusta with spicy notes from Uganda.

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground 200g

Crema e Gusto combines Brazilian Arabicas with African and Indonesian Robusta coffees to produce a fragrant flavor and rich, full-bodied finish. A perfect combination of intensity and well-balanced aroma. This delicious espresso blend is well suited for stovetop espresso makers as well as French press or drip coffee preparations. It produces a rich cup of espresso with thick...

Lavazza Decaffeinato Ground 250g

Lavazza Decaffeinated Ground Coffee is a superb blend of coffee, with all the intensity of an espresso coffee but none of the caffeine. It is made from the finest coffees from the plantations of the best Brazilian regions and the fragrant mild washed Arabicas from Colombia. Decaffeinated by natural water process - removing 99% of the caffeine. This wonderful Lavazza coffee h...

Lavazza Gran Espresso

The perfect Italian espresso with a rich and balanced taste.  An aroma of dark chocolate and spices for a creamy and enveloping espresso. Origins: Natural Arabica from Brazil from the Cerrado, Mogiana and South Minas region.  Washed Arabica from Honduras, African Robusta with spicy notes from Uganda. 

Lavazza Milk Frother

 Milk foam at its finest: Cappuccino or latte macchiato like a master. The Lavazza milk frother is the perfect accompaniment to your at home coffee capsule machine. Features: - Heats and froths with induction heat technology- Jug, stirring heads and lid can be removed for cleaning- Perfect for heating or hot-frothing milk, cold-frothing milk and making hot cocoa- Milk froth...

Lavazza Mountain Grown Qualita Oro

NEW! Most sought after variety of Arabica beans grown on the fertile soils of mountains of up to 2000m altitude  Intensity: 7 Roast: Medium  Ground coffee ideal for any coffee maker, however, it is recommended you use a Moka for an authentic Italian coffee. Comes in packages of 180g or 500g.  

Lavazza Nespresso compatible capsules ARMONICO

NEW! An espresso coffee with full-bodied flavour. Made from 100% South American Arabica beans. BLEND: 100% Arabica ORIGIN: South America AROMA: Notes of toasted cereals and caramel INTENSITY: 8 - medium intensity with dark roasting. Packs of 10 capsules or 30. Nespresso® compatible. 

Lavazza Nespresso compatible capsules DECISO

NEW! A combination of Brazilian and South East Asian beans, creating a soft and full-bodied Brazillian espresso with oriental notes  BLEND: Arabica and Robusta ORIGIN: Brazil and South East Asia AROMA: Notes of cocoa and wood INTENSITY: 10 with dark roasting Packs of 10 capsules or 30. Nespresso® compatible.   

Lavazza Nespresso compatible capsules VIGOROSO

NEW! Brazilian arabica and robusta roasted at high temperatures creating an intense and creamy coffee BLEND: Arabica and robusta ORIGIN: Brazil AROMA: Caramel notes with a dark, compact and dense cream appearance INTENSITY: 12 intensity with a dark roast Packs of 10 capsules or 30.  Nespresso® compatible

Lavazza Qualita Oro Ground

1kg ground coffee on sale - please note date   Treat yourself to the taste of a genuine premium Italian espresso. Qualità Oro from the masters of Lavazza is a true favourite of Italian coffee lovers – an experience that couldn’t be more enjoyable if you were sitting in an Italian piazza. The inviting golden crema, the full bodied aromatic taste of 100% Arabica espresso, the...

Lavazza sugar sticks (700/ctn)

Perfect for stocking your coffee and tea table, these Lavazza sugar sticks contain a teaspoon worth of white or raw sugar granules and are individually packaged in a water-resistant coated paper for a longer shelf-life.

Lavazza Super Crema

A blend of coffees with a velvety cream and persistent aroma. Aromas of honey and almonds for a  mild and creamy espresso. Origins: Natural Arabica from Brazil, washed Indian Arabica and high quality Colombian and Robusta from Indonesia and Vietnam.

Lavazza Tierra PERU

NEW! A unique, 100% Arabica coffee grown on the slopes of Andes Cordillera in Peru. We recommend you prepare this coffee with a Moka for an authentic Italian coffee - however, this ground coffee is suitable for all coffee makers. Aromatic notes: Floral and fruity Intensity: 5 (delicate) Roast: Medium 180g

LB910 Compact

The ideal solution for anyone who wants the excellence of a Lavazza BLUE espresso in a very small space. This easy to use espresso machine is compatible with LAVAZZA BLUE coffee capsules which can be found in our online shop.     

LF Stainless Steel Milk Jug

Made of stainless steel Aisi 202 spout design to help for creating latte art patterns.

Mazzer Jolly Burrs

Fits Mazzer Super Jolly and Jolly-E. Generic Burrs.

Mazzer Major Manual

The Mazzer Major is a great commercial grinder with flat blades suitable for medium (up to 15kg per week) consumption. Features include:Stepless MicrometricalGrinding Adjustment1.8 kg hopper capacity250 grams of coffee per minute1400 repetitions per minute 83 mm burr size (Flat) 

Mazzer Mini Burrs

Fits: Mazzer Mini and Mini-E Generic Burrs.

Mazzer Mini Manual

Grinder grindstone flat, ideal for low power consumption (decaf, single origin). Recommended 8 kilos per week. Features include:Stepless MicrometricalGrinding AdjustmentGrams of coffee per minute 80 g/min

Mazzer Robur Burrs

Fits: Mazzer Robur and Robur-E Mazzer Original Spares.

Mazzer Robur Electronic Silver

The Mazzer Robur is an electronic grinder with conical mills and rotating at low speed, suitable for high (up to 50 kilos per week) consumption.Features include:Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustmentOn-demand grinding with electronic single or double dose adjustment260 grams of coffee per minute420 repetitions per minute 1.8 kg hopper capacity 71 mm burr size (Conical)  ...

Motta Europa 350ml Milk Jug

The Motta Europa style jugs are made of heavy gauge 18/10 Stainless Steel. These professional jugs feature a tapered spout which provides excellent control over milk delivery and presentation. 

Motta Europa Milk Jug

The Motta Europa style jugs are made of heavy gauge 18/10 Stainless Steel. These professional jugs feature a tapered spout which provides excellent control over milk delivery and presentation. 

Motta Wood Grain Coffee Tamper 58mm

Motta 58mm tamper with wood grain handle. Beautifully made in Italy, this tamper is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Necta Koro Prime Fresh Milk - Fresh Bean & Chocolate

This compact multi-drink dispenser - Coffee & Chocolate boasts innovative technologies that offer high-quality drinks every time. It’s also incredibly simple to clean and maintain.This machine must be installed by our technicians. Please inquire for more details. 

Nuova Simonelli - Precision Screen

For the ultimate extraction. Fits all Nuova Simonelli models. central hole 6 mm - 98 holes ø 3 mm Aisi 316 stainless steel - food-safe certified integrated membrane 200 µM

Organic Blend

Mexico Chiapas (fully washed) Timor (fully washed) Sumatra Mandheling (fully washed)   Profile: medium dark roast, full-bodied, earthy complexity

Organic Blend (Fairtrade)

Our blend of ethically traded coffees is roasted medium dark for a full bodied espresso with an earthy complexity. Mexico Chiapas Fully Washed Timor Fully Washed Sumatra Mandheling Semi Washed

Pallo - Group head brush

The Pallo group head cleaning brush also has a scoop at the end. One tool for two purposes. Sweet.

Paper Filter (white) for 01 Dripper

Our marvellous Hario V60 Coffee Dripper series uses particular paper filters to achieve an excellent and consistent quality of extraction. These filters come in boxes of 40 and are designed for a single use. Matches the Hario V60 01Brewing Tip: rinse each filter thoroughly just before use to help minimise paper taint.

Paper Filters (250)

Single-use paper filters for use in standard Pour-over filter machines. Packs of 250. Dimensions: 85 x 245mm

Paper Tea Filters

Filter paper for loose leaf tea. 100 filters per box.

Plain Black Takeaway Cup

Single wall Plain Black takeaway coffee cup. Available in 285, 400 and 475ml. Compatible lids can be found here.

Precision Shower Screen 60mm

For the ultimate coffee extraction Fits Vibemme, Rocket, Casadio Faema and Wega 98 holes ø 3 mm Aisi 304 stainless steel - food-safe certified integrated membrane 200 µM

Puly Caff Plus NSF 100 1g Tabs

For use in automatic espresso machines. Use these to clean your brewing unit on a regular basis to prevent coffee oil buildup. These are designed to be dropped in to your pre-ground coffee chute and then rinsed through the brew unit.

Puly Caff Plus NSF 510g Flappe

Backwash your group heads with the best product available. Formulated with 100% organic and natural ingredients this will take slightly longer to activate.

Puly Caff Plus Powder NSF 10 Envelopes (10) per box

10 x 20gm individual sachets per box. Backwash your group heads with the best product available. Formulated to rapidly expand on contact with water, this is the most effective espresso machine cleaner available.

Schaerer Coffee Joy

BUY, RENT OR FREE ON LOAN - with minimum monthly consumables spend  Superb quality at the press of a button, an elegant compact design and simple operation: Schaerer Coffee Joy is a delight for smaller applications that call for 30 to 50 cups a day. The small professional With a width of only 30.5 cm, Schaerer Coffee Joy is the smallest in our range of fully automatic coffee...

Schaerer Coffee Prime

The first choice for connoisseurs and accountantsGourmet beverages at the press of a buttonPerfect for self-serviceCost saving and environmentally friendly to operate- Minimal cleaning and maintenance- Successively expandable- More power with the Powerpack- Ideal for offices, cafés, universities, hospitals, sports centres, cultural events, workshops, filling stations, car de...

Schaerer Coffee Vito Plumbed 1 Grinder

Schaerer Coffee Vito offers high quality beverages and easy handling in a compact size. This machine dispenses coffee, milk or chocolate drinks at the press of a button, and each beverage can be tailored to your by using the barista button. This machine can be used with both fresh milk or milk powder and the extra large hopper containers so you can refill them less often. To...

Schaerer Prime NC Foamer Long Hose and Yellow Jet

Schaerer Prime No Clean Disposable Foamer Yellow Jet for Approximately 60deg milk.

Seasonal Espresso

Best used for espresso. Our go-to blend in the cafe. Blend changes as new crops arrive. Features four origins: Colombia Guareque Fully Washed Brazil Marcelo Pulped Natural Sumatra Mandheling Semi Washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Fully Washed Subtle undertones of milk chocolate. A touch of bright citrus fruit.

Shaker - Motta Silver

This Topping Shaker by Motta in heavy duty Stainless Steel with a mirror polish is designed for barista use and is dishwasher safe.  

Shott Coffee Syrups

Enhance your coffee/ smoothie experience with SHOTT syrups. SHOTT began producing syrups in Wellington and have since expanded across the globe offering 55 syrups in 17 countries. SHOTT syrups deliver you real flavours in great tasting syrups. Pick one up today!  

Shower Screen 60mm

Fits: Wega, Rocket, ECM, Faema, Cadadio, Vibiemme.

Single Origin

  COLOMBIA La PlataRegion: Huila Processing: Washed Altitude: 1650m - 1900m Varieties: Caturra & Colombia Use: Filter, Plunger, Espresso Delicate. Elements of tangerine and berries. Bittersweet cacao finish.BRAZIL Marcelo Balerini de CarvalhoRegion: Serra do Salitre - Cerrado Mineiro Processing: Pulped Natural Altitude: 1000m Varieties: Acaia, Catuai Use: Filter, Plunger...

Single Wall Jungle Cups

Single wall takeaway cups for flat white/cappuccino/long black etc with the great Jungle logo. These cups are perfect for beverages on the go!  Compatible lids for 400ml can be found here.

Slim Coffee Grinder

The Hario Slim is a hand-powered coffee grinder with ceramic conical burrs. Perfect for the at home coffee enthusiast.

Sugar Sticks (2000)

Conveniently packed in single serve sticks, it’s the clean and simple way to sweeten hot and cold drinks in the office, at home and on picnics. There’s no more mess, less waste and easy to store.   Available in white or raw

Takeaway Cup Black Uni Lid (100)

Fits our 285, 400 and 475ml  Jungle or plain black takeaway cups.100 units per sleeve. 2000 units per box. Lids for our The NZ Coffee Co cups can be found here.

Takeaway Cup Tray Pulp 4 Cup (25)

These trays fold flat for storing the easily lift up to a 4 cup holder with a hollow for sugar and stirrers in the middle. Can be broken in half for 2 cups.

Tamper Commercial 58mm Grey

These feel realy nice in the palm. 58mm diameter with a stainless steel base for durability.

TNZCC Branded Takeaway Cups

The fantastic commercially compostable, oil free recyclable ecocups are perfect for all of your hot drink needs. These TNZCC branded ecocups provide a sustainable plant-based alternative to traditional oil-based coffee cups, with a lower environmental footprint.

V60 Coffee Drip Kettle Buono 1000 (600ml)

This drip kettle slim spout allows for easier control for the flow of hot water for pour over filter devices like the Chemex and Hario’s V60 filter cone.

V60 Range Server 360ml Clear

The Hario V60 cones fit perfectly and securely on the top of the Range Server allowing your freshly brewed coffee to easily be shared after extraction.

Vending Chocolate 1kg

Real Belgium chocolate that has sugar and anti clogging properties. This product also has a milk content to be creamy and rich on the mouth.

Vending Milk Powder 500gm

Vending milk powder with a difference. This actually tastes like milk!

Voodoo Blend

Kenya AB (fully washed) PNG Plantation A (fully washed) Colombia Excelso (fully washed)   Profile: rich balanced flavour, chocolate finish

Wega MiniNova Retro Classic

The Wega Mininova Classic espresso machine proudly has it's E61 group head on display. It has an EMA rotary pump, tanked or plumbed options Features include:  2 litre boilerE61 group head Tank: 1.5 litre tank (also available as plumbed/ EMA rotary pump) Dimensions(cm): 33.5(W) x 45.5(D) x 42.5(H To enquire about this machine please fill out the contact form.

Wega Pegaso - Raised

The Wega Pegaso EVD is an Automatic Espresso coffee machine with 4 programmable doses per group. Two steam wands and automatic hot water outlet. Built-in motor and pump. Features include: Manual brew switch per groupMomentary hot water switch operation Raised group heads 122mm Automatic water refill & auto level To enquire about this machine please fill out the contact ...

WEGA Polaris TRON EVD 3 group Black

The stylish Wega Polaris Tron EVD makes the very best coffee using independent programmable volumetric dosages per group, providing unrivalled precision in the whole process. Features include:Programmable volume hot water selectionProgram up to four doses per unit Two steam armsAutomatic water refill & auto levelSteam lever operationL.E.D illuminated side panelElectronic...

Wega Vela Vintage EMA Chrome

The well known Vela Vintage model, created by Wega as an answer to the retro’ look of coffee machines from the past. The Wega Vela Vintage is a semi automatic lever operated espresso coffee machineFeatures include:  Two stainless steel steam wands with retro knobsOne manual hot water tap. Electric cup warmer. Auto level, and volumetric pump. To enquire about this machine ple...

White Recyclable Ecolids

Recyclable White Lid 80mm diameter suitable for EcoWare 8oz Cups90mm diameter suitable for EcoWare 12oz Cups

Wooden Stirrer Sticks (1000)

Not saving the trees but more eco-friendly than plastic, that's for sure. Stir it up with these TT2 sticks, retro styles.1000 per bag

Wooden Tamper Italian Flag 58mm

Made in Italy by Asso Tamper this awesome wooden 58mm tamper has anodized aluminum rings to represent the Italian Flag around the base of the Zebrawood handle. 

Wooden wrapped stirrers

5mm width wooden stirrers with rounded ends comes in a box of 1000 individual stirrers

Zulu Blend

India Plantation B (fully washed) Sumatra Mandheling (semi washed) Guatemala SHB (fully washed) Brazil Cerrado (natural)   Profile: smooth, forestry undertones

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