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At the New Zealand Coffee Co, our mission is simple: great tasting coffee to everyone we partner with. That means getting it right at every step, which is why we’ve got the best people to help us deliver the best coffee – from the bean to the cup and everything in between.

If you need the perfect blend, the right machine for home or office, help with a missing part, or to gain barista skills of your own, drop us a line. We’ve found roasting, training and technical service experts who are dedicated to creating the perfect cup in cafés, at home or in the office.

Need café-quality coffee at work?

We’ve got quality beans and accessories, and coffee machines available to buy, rent, lease or, in some cases, have free on loan to your workplace. We’ll suss you out with the machine that’s best tailored to your budget and needs, and with ongoing service and support to ensure you get the best for years to come.

Getting the right coffee machine starts with one easy question:

How many people in the office?

1 - 10

10 - 20


Based on your selection, we recommend:

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