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We’re clever creators of great coffee

We're the Swiss Army knife of coffee companies. We're creators, purveyors and fixer-uppers. Want freshly roasted coffee? We’ll hook you up. Need your coffee machine serviced? Consider it done. Searching for a coffee machine for the office? We’ve got just the match. Want to wow them at home? We have a barista class to suit. Lost a part? We have plenty. After a premium corporate café partner with a track record? We’re all over it.

So that’s a bit about us, which is really about you and your coffee however you want it, wherever you want it. Everyone’s welcome.


For our two somewhat shy founders - they’d rather the coffee does the talking – coffee, cafes and hospitality are in their DNA.

From a bustling, colourful family café business on K’Rd in 1978, to restaurants in the shoulder pad loving ‘80s, roll forward through the years, haircuts and incarnations and drive a few kilometers up the road. There you’ll find The New Zealand Coffee Co roastery, café, workshop and showroom at 164 Khyber Pass, Newmarket, Auckland.

Here our faithful first coffee roasting machine that first roasted coffee in the 1990s and is now decommissioned, stands watch.

While the coffee is still the hero and our people still humble, with our home on Khyber Pass, we’re proud to say we’ve brought together under the one roof all that we’ve learnt over the years and all that we do in the name of great coffee for you.

Thankfully we’ve left the bad hairdos and shoulder pads behind. Well, for now.