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The Roastery

We’re the reserved, clever creators of coffee. We’re both old fashioned and forward thinking about roasting. We rely on people, not just computers, to oversee the roasting style for each blend.  And we’re purposefully and proudly an independent coffee roaster, supplying cafes, homes and offices all across New Zealand.
You will find our Roastery at 346 Church St, Penrose alongside our machinery workshop and showroom.  Here we roast hundreds of kilos of fresh coffee  daily before it makes its way briskly to a coffee machine near you and is turned into a fresh cup of liquid gold.   
We roast on a big bright canary yellow Diedrich. You can’t miss her. As an observant, quick-witted 7-year old once said, she could be related to the Transformer Bumblebee. Look it up. The kid was spot on.
For us roasting coffee is a scientific and an artistic endeavor right from sourcing quality Arabica beans.  Before committing to umpteen stacks of green coffee beans to then roast, the coffee bean selection process includes coffee cupping or tasting.  To source quality, sustainable coffee beans required for our intended blends and their specific profiles, our Head Honcho Roaster Hayden is cupping nigh weekly. And yes we can trace the beans back to the farm and farmer. That’s a given.
We’re tad obsessive about roasting coffee.  We could go on.  But we don’t need to wear you down with the details.  At the end of the day, we roast good fresh coffee daily. We’ve been roasting coffee for a good while now and are darn good at it. So we’ll roast, you relax. Over a coffee. Of course.

Visit Us:

To see the Roastery in action, drop in to:

364 Church St 
To talk to us about contract roasting or wholesale supply into your cafe or restaurant, contact us here  or call us and chat ot one of the team on 0508 NZCOFFEE.