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The New Zealand Coffee Co is here with the service and solutions for anyone who’s serious about great coffee in their café or restaurant.

We have owned, supplied to, run and worked in cafés and restaurants for years, so we know what it takes to make great coffee at every stage, and what it takes to keep customers happy.

Your coffee needs are different to anyone else’s, so let’s tailor some solutions to best suit your café or restaurant. We can help you get on your feet at the set-up stage and stay on for the long haul, or consult – as and when we’re needed. Just let us know how we can lend our specialist knowledge.


Let’s work together to create the perfect blend for your place and your people. Together we can balance a blend in our Cupping Room and Roastery with our Head Roaster, Hayden. Or, if you need a tried and true blend that’s ready to go, we have a range of specialty, premium and house blends created to best suit Kiwi tastes.


We sell and service a huge range of premium Italian espresso machines and have an impressive stock of parts. We’ll work with you to understand what machine best suits your café design, projected coffee count and budget.


As well as providing you with machines and beans to suit your needs, we’ll also stay in touch and ensure your machine keeps producing its best cup from first to last. Clean, well-maintained equipment is a must for good coffee, and we have the skills, support and technical expertise to service and repair your commercial coffee machine on site. We also have replacement machines ready to go if, for some reason, your machine needs more attention than can be managed in a call out.


We’re here to help you craft that impeccable cup of coffee that keeps customers coming back.  Our Head Barista Trainer and our field team are approachable, know coffee and understand the needs and demands of cafes and restaurants. When it comes to Barista training, it’s hard to beat a Head Barista Trainer who has had years of hands-on experience working through the ranks of bustling cafes and restaurants.   
Take our Barista Trainer extraordinaire Carina, she has been there, done that. Carina has a zest for learning and sharing all she’s picked up, practiced and perfected over the years. Some of the field support team had cafés and bars in their past lives.
For Barista training from the real deal and down-to-earth guys, you’ll find our Training Facility at our HQ on 164 Khyber Pass Road. All welcome.  
Or we’re happy to come to you for on-site Barista training.